Thursday, May 19, 2011

Melee was communicated with and really wants to be home with us.

Visit our page and help us end this search!!
He is a big sweet boy named melee
He is avid chipped and can be dropped off at any local vet or shelter
His flyers are everywhere please keep your eye out for him
im sure he will be spotted in someones yard or about town
he is very recognizable!! and big
white tip tail white chest half face and paws
he has some serious food allergies and ear infections and really needs shots frequently to keep him comfortable
We are offering a pretty awesome reward for his return
He is very very missed and we will not stop searching for him ever.
Please call me he means the world to us

Yesterday my dog was talked to my an animal communicator and was told he is safe but trying to get back to us and confused
he saw a man and a brick wall near him but as my dog is very confused he is hard to talk with calmly
its a relief to know he is safe but he does say he is not feeling good and is very itchy
please if you are reading this take care of him and take him to a vet
We really want to be reunited with Melee we love him a ton!!

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